Spot-Eze PRO spot weld removal drill

Spot-Eze PRO spot weld removal drill

Product Code: SPOT0001
Price: £25.99


You know how sometimes a tool comes along that is much more expensive than the standard item on the market but once you've used it you'll never go back to the old way? The "Spot-Eze PRO" is the KING of spot weld removal drills. The adjustable and replaceable center starting/guiding bit allows the drill to start quickly and pre-punching isn't usually necessary. If you do not wish to pre drill the inner panel for later plug welding, the centre drill can be adjusted to any degree up to the cutting edge of outer drill flute for a non break through removal. It has a .350 inch = 9 mm cut diameter, which is the correct size to cut spot welds - how often have you found a 'standard' 8mm just cuts part of it out

If you've got more than one panel to release, or just like an easy life, the "Spot-Eze PRO" is definitely worth the investment.


It's made of tough 'M' series steel so wont go blunt after just a few welds

It's ADJUSTABLE centre drill allows it to be used for any application

It's a long term tool, you can even RESHARPEN it if you need to!

It can be used WITH OR WITHOUT the centre drill. 






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