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Shake-N-Break is a super quality American made  air impact screw and fastener removal tool. It uses standard, changeable, 5/16" hex insert bits that fit most fasteners and screws in circulation. It slots into a standard air hammer with safety spring and used at low air pressure. The tool will loosen rusted, corroded, undercoated, painted, dirty, and overly tightened screws fast and efficiently. Vibration shakes the screw loose while you simply turn the screw with the attached handle. This simple, high quality tool finds its greatest use on cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and farm equipment. It loosens stuck fasteners in places like wheel openings, headlight doors, taillight lens, bumpers, striker pins, seatbelt bolts, floor pans, motorcycle engines, and thousands of other places. NOW WITH LARGER 6 BIT PACK.

No tool chest should be without one, it is a revelation!

The only tool we've found that will undo those MGB door hinge countersunk bolts that the factory kindly painted over at the front, and left exposed to corrode at the rear!

Comes complete with our compact air hammer which uses just 4cfm so will run off a domestic compressor and also Euro and UK 1/4" connectors to you are ready to go!

Use in short bursts and lubricate hammer with a drop of oil in the air inlet regularly to keep it happy. If you register the hammer on the manufacturers' website you get a 3 year guarantee!

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