Red Rubber Grease (reconditions and protects)

Red Rubber Grease (reconditions and protects)

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This traditional red rubber grease is designed for use internally on automotive brake assemblies, rubber and hydraulic components so when you are rebuilding master and slave cylinders or brake calipers you can use this to aid assembly, conserve seal performance and protect cylinders until the system is commissioned with the addition of hydraulic fluid. 

Vehicle rebuilds usually take months or years. This protects the surfaces and rubber components during that process.

Has good mechanical stability and compatible with natural and synthetic rubbers. It is resistant to hydrocarbons and most chemicals. Eliminates rubber swelling.

Because of its resistance to lubricating oil it is suitable for gland packing and seals. 

The 15ml will complete one caliper rebuild and the 50 ML will complete at least one vehicles hydraulic systems.

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