2.5litre Penetrating Fluid

2.5litre Penetrating Fluid

Product Code: PF00021
Price: £18.95

We looked for the best penetrating fluid and found it not from the big 'market leader' where its all about saving pennies per can, but from a little company that quietly makes this product for the industrial sector. It is the best we've found and also makes a great moisture dispersant for plug leads, coils etc. Much longer lasting than others. This 2.5litre (3.52 Imperial Pint) container  is a much more economical way to buy it than in Aerosols. Use it to refill one of our sprayers or on its own.

Great for putting some in a container and leaving a siezed nut and bolt in (though for a more permanent solution leave them in our IreOx product for a few days).

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