1 Gauge mounting MG replaces radio blanking plate - BLACK WRINKLE

1 Gauge mounting MG replaces radio blanking plate - BLACK WRINKLE

Product Code: LSR0003v1/BW
Price: £14.99

In place of your MG radio blanking plate (or radio) fit this neat 2mm steel gauge holder. Accepts 1 central standard 52mm gauge for monitoring vital functions. Easily fit yourself using the included Stainless Steel socket headed bolts and looks the business!

Looks particularly good with a clock in it and then cut the wings off of standard MG logo from the blanking plate to glue either side.

Alternatively use the space either side for additional switches.

Easily adapted for other vehicles, especially for cars where the strong mounting plate adds local strength to glass fibre.

Available in unfinished mild steel which can be useful if you'd prefer to paint to match body colour or want to weld the plate in, Chrome plated steel for extra bling or this Black Wrinkle finish to match classic car dashboards.

Fits MGA's, MGC's and  MGB's 1962-1970 (To GHN/D5 410000) or later MGB's if replacing dashboard mounted air vents.

These Items are made to order so please allow up to 14 days lead time (though it is usually much less!). Doesn't come with the gauges (Doh!)

Click here to download the fitting guide.

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