Yode to the Old Can at the back

Yode to the Old Can at the back

Goodbye old friend
You’ll be missed, I cannot lie
For 40 years you were at my side
A trusted friend on whom I could rely

You lived at the back of a dusty shelf
Faced over by aerosols in fancy dress
That promised so much more
But always delivered somewhat less

Every now and then I’d wake you from your sleep
To protect bodywork of raw steel
A little dash, all that was required
On my classic automobile

But today I went to you and you were no more
Finally slipped away, far past your sell by date
Your dregs a hard and cracked mass
That this time, thinners could not resuscitate

You were not ‘low odour’, you were not ‘water based’
So legislation conspired to ban your sort
With solvents and red lead you were laced
But that’s why you could actually do the job for which you were bought

Goodbye old friend, you cannot be replaced.


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