Baker English Wheel

Baker English Wheel

Product Code: JBEW001
Price: £2,275.00

Justin Baker knows English Wheels. Many years ago, he was asked by a friend to help restore a wheel that was close to 100 years old. At that time there was very little information available, the generations that had used the tools in their day to day work had long since retired and extensive  self-education was necessary. Soon, he was being asked to help restore others and he became the goto ‘English Wheel Guy’. Those almost indestructible original wheels sometimes required components manufactured, especially new anvils (the shaping wheels). This and the rarity of original wheels, set Justins' mind in motion as to the possibility of producing new ones. Most people, he deduced, didn’t actually need a full size framed wheel, designed for use by two craftsmen at once. They mainly wanted to produce repair panels and panel sections that could be created by a craftsman working on his own. Large panels tend to be made in several parts and welded together anyway.

Working on the project whenever he could, it took a decade of prototypes, experimentation and testing. Eventually Justin developed the Baker Wheel, which has been honed over several years to produce one of the most effective English Wheels available at a truly productive size and unrivalled quality for the price. Made in England, the frame is cast in one of the few (possibly only) foundries left that can do a single pour of the ductile iron required. The wheels are CNC machined from EN24 tool steel and run roller bearings for smoothness and accuracy. The prototypes are still in use today and look like they’ve just come out of the crate.

Baker wheels now have an enthusiastic following by those who know they are looking at a tool truly fit for purpose. If you have any experience wheeling at all, you will appreciate the difference within minutes of tracking a sheet through one of these gorgeous pieces of kit. The pedigree of the owner base of Justins wheels is testament to his products and include the Grace Spitfire and the Bluebird restoration.

C&B is proud to be the vendor of Baker wheels to the restoration market.

We don’t think you will find a better new build wheel. Large enough to allow panel making but compact (and heavy enough) so they don’t take up the whole workshop, they come apart to allow worldwide shipping. Please note each Wheel is assembled by hand for the owner so lead time can be a few days.

Where possible it is delivered by one of our team who will help you set it up, for longer distances it is sent by carrier and you will recieve phone/facetime/skype set up support.

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