Part Marking & Tagging

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  • Long Nib Hole Marker
    Our long nib marker makes marking up of engineering tasks a doddle.  If you've tried to mark the position of a bracket or similar by forcing a pencil down a hole in a casting you'll know what we're talking about. Introducing the solution! Our long nib, steel shaft marker makes it..
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  • Paint Marker Pen
    Paint Marker which is really useful as it writes on most components. The nib is quite wide but great on disassembly of your project so you can mark each large part. Even better if you've got a few running and need to know which flywheel fits which (can you tell we've been there?!) Also us..
  • TTACT Tags loom & brake pipe labelling
    THE BEST THING YOU NEVER KNEW YOU'D NEED! TTACT (Tag Today, Avoid Cursing Tomorrow) Tags  are another product exclusive to C&B. They allow you to label the wiring loom, cables and brake pipes of your vehicle on disassembly so that it connects back together at the end of the rebuild q..
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