MGB Transmission Tunnel Clearance Modification Panel

MGB Transmission Tunnel Clearance Modification Panel

Product Code: LSR0010
Price: £29.99

MGB Transmission Tunnel Clearance Modification.

If you are fitting a 5 speed gearbox (LT77/R380 for instance) into your MGB then you'll probably come across the issue of lack of clearance on the transmission tunnel. This problem is overcome by the well documented raising the 'roof' just behind the dash area. Our 'MGB Transmission Tunnel Clearance Modification' makes this easy and professional for the home restorer. The panel simply replaces the tunnel section causing the clearance issue. The mild steel, laser cut panel is easily weldable and strong but just malleable enough to allow trimming at the front end for any variation in MGB bodyshell tolerances. 

Please note that even though our 'MGB Transmission Tunnel Clearance Modification Panel' is tried and tested on MGB's, some modification may be needed to take up tolerences in the bodyshell variations (factory differences over the years or previous modifications etc.)

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