MGB Chassis Spring Mount Strengthener

MGB Chassis Spring Mount Strengthener

Product Code: LSR0007
Price: £19.99

Our MGB Chassis Strengthening modification is a must have for all uprated MGB's.

This panel addresses one of the MGB's structural weaknesses. The MGB's rear leaf spring front mounting point was adequate for the original car, but when more power is put to the rear axle, it is tough on the area causing flexing of the floor and spring geometry. This modification is welded in between the spring mount and central chassis crossbar (in line with jacking point) which spreads the load over the chassis rather than the floor in the local area. 

This modification is also a must have if fitting anti-tramp bars, stopping any mount point flex, which reduces anti-tramp effectiveness and increases body stress. 

NOTE: You will neeed 2 per vehicle.

Please note that even though our reinforcer is tried and tested on MGB's, some modification may be needed to take up tolerences in the bodyshell variations (factory differences or previous modifications etc.) These Items are made to order in batches for economy. Therefore, worse scenario, they can have a 14 day lead time.


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