Stainless Allen head MGB Door and Hinge Fasteners

Stainless Allen head MGB Door and Hinge Fasteners

Product Code: MGBDHF0001
Price: £28.50

Anyone who has tried to take the door off an MGB will know that it is a mammoth task to remove the door bolts. (TIP: Use a "Shake'n'Break" available in our tool section) This is due to several factors including:

1) The back of the bolts are exposed in a vulnerable corrosion area so the ends of the thread rust and lock themselves into the thread on the shell.

2) The head of the bolts are painted over at the factory, gluing the head to the body and making it hard to gain good purchase of the head for removal.

3) The factory wanted a flush, countersunk fitting and in the sixties, Allen headed bolts weren’t popular, so they used a Philips head which ‘cams out’  because the factory set screws seem to be made of a derivative of cheese.*

Unfortunately, the thread is quite unusual and so an off the shelf improvement isn’t easy to find. You can get a stainless version of the Philips head at MG specialists and that is ok if you demand the original look, but they still suffer fast head wear as you take the door on and off as you adjust for fit. You almost need two sets, one for adjustment purposes which end up looking ‘knarley’ and a second for final fitting.

Therefore, we have commissioned these. They have an Allen head so you can mount the bolt onto the bit and drive them one handed whilst adjusting the door with your other hand. Screw them in and out fast with a bit in your cordless drill and then torque them up nice and snug on final assembly without the head melting! They’re made in Stainless steel to resist corrosion and are fractionally longer than the normal replacements to ease fitting.

*The Philips patent ran out in 1966 so hence the screws suddenly gained popularity about that time, so much so that people think they are a 60’s invention. In fact they were used on Aircraft production during WW2 and later versions of the patent describe this ‘camming out’ as being a deliberate feature to prevent overtightening on the soft aluminium aircraft components.

Not cheap we grant you, but something you won’t regret buying the fist time you take the door off for adjustment.

Full car set of 16 x Hinge to Body fasteners and 12 x Hinge to Door fasteners


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