Barrier Cream. In An Oil Can! OMG!

Barrier Cream. In An Oil Can! OMG!

Product Code: BC0001
Price: £8.99

For all you macho guys out there who don’t care about the grease and dirt in the cracks and crannies of their hands, who don’t understand why their partner doesn’t want a massage anymore and who laughs in the face of dermatitis... here is the answer!

You’ll have found by now that even the best hand cleansers don’t get all the dirt out from under nails and inside knuckles. Rub a blob of this lotion into your hands BEFORE you start work, get in under your nails, into knuckles, between your fingers. Then, when you have finished work you will not believe how much much quicker your hands clean and with non of that 'ingrained' dirt.

So you don’t feel all ‘arty farty’ putting it on, we’ve put it in a refillable metal 'oil can' dispenser so it looks all macho.

One of these will last months, then just buy a bulk refill, available separately.

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