Petrol Engine Compression Tester

Petrol Engine Compression Tester

Product Code: PECT0001
Price: £15.99

Economical Petrol Engine Compression Tester.

Testing the cylinder compression on your engine is one of the best ways to test an engine's internal health, which is otherwise hard to establish. It can help identify rough running issues caused by worn/damaged valve gear or piston rings on individual cylinders as well as simple, overall mileage wear across all bores. 

Particularly handy when assessing a potential purchase for true condition and potential restoration costs.

In the past such useful tools were prohibitively expensive for the home mechanic but this unit offers a very high cost/performance benefit.

For use on any engine that has 14mm or 18mm spark plugs. 

Reads up to a maximum of 300psi / 20bar.

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