Engine Building Tools

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  • 1/4" Torx Bit Sockets (multiple sizes)
    Drop Forged Torx Bit Sockets! High-Quality KING DICK item, so you don't have that 'twisting' feeling as you build torque. Made to DIN 3124 ..
  • 3/8" Impact Drive Female Torx Sockets (multiple sizes)
    3/8" Impact Drive Female Torx Sockets (multiple sizes) A common bolt head used for factory and aftermarket cylinder head bolts due to their good torques stability. King Dick sockets were more than likely the sockets on the production line when your car was built! Get the best. Made from E..
  • Angular Torque Gauge
    A useful tool when an exact torque value is needed in engine assembly. Some engines with stretch bolts (rover k-series for example) require the head bolts to be gradually torqued in sequence using an angular torquing value rather than a torque value itself (Nm etc). This can be a rather dauntin..
  • Feeler Gauges
    Combination leaf feeler gauge accurately measures gaps between components. Hardened and polished carbon steel. Leaves are clearly marked with sizes. 26 Leaves - 0.051 - 0.635mm ..
    Ideal for removing old gaskets. Metal construction. Sharp enough to hack away at even gummed on gaskets but not so hard you risk serious damage to the surface unless you’re a total klutz. Sliding handle protects the blade (and you) when not in use.  ..
  • Long Nib Hole Marker
    Our long nib marker makes marking up of engineering tasks a doddle.  If you've tried to mark the position of a bracket or similar by forcing a pencil down a hole in a casting you'll know what we're talking about. Introducing the solution! Our long nib, steel shaft marker makes it..
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  • Paint Marker Pen
    Paint Marker which is really useful as it writes on most components. The nib is quite wide but great on disassembly of your project so you can mark each large part. Even better if you've got a few running and need to know which flywheel fits which (can you tell we've been there?!) Also us..
  • Petrol Engine Compression Tester
    Economical Petrol Engine Compression Tester. Testing the cylinder compression on your engine is one of the best ways to test an engine's internal health, which is otherwise hard to establish. It can help identify rough running issues caused by worn/damaged valve gear or piston rings on indivi..
  • Piston Ring Pliers
    Piston ring pliers with nickel-plated carbon steel for corrosion resistance and comfortable vinyl-dipped handles. Sprung mechanism for control.  Installs and removes piston rings up to 6.4mm (1/4") without twisting. ..