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  • Barrier Cream. In An Oil Can! OMG!
    For all you macho guys out there who don’t care about the grease and dirt in the cracks and crannies of their hands, who don’t understand why their partner doesn’t want a massage anymore and who laughs in the face of dermatitis... here is the answer! You’ll have found by n..
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  • IReOx 100mm TESTER (inc shipping)
    100ml IReOx concentrate which makes 1 litres by dilution. If you would like to test IReOx and discover that it meets all the claims we make, or if you just have a few nuts and bolts to strip of rust, this is the 100ml 'Tester' size which we sell at £2.99, including postage, to prove..
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  • IReOx Mixing Container (25 Litre capacity)
    The IReOx container has the capacity for a 25 litre solution of IReOx Rust Remover. Comes with a sealable lid and strong metal handle, great if you need to move about the garage. If you want to build a tank to suit large items it can be done cheaply and easily following our intructions: TO DOWNLO..
  • 1/4" Torx Bit Sockets (multiple sizes)
    Drop Forged Torx Bit Sockets! High-Quality KING DICK item, so you don't have that 'twisting' feeling as you build torque. Made to DIN 3124 ..
  • 3 Gauge mounting  MG replaces radio blanking plate - BLACK WRINKLE
    In place of your MG radio blanking plate (or radio) fit this neat 2mm steel gauge holder. Accepts 3 standard 52mm gauges for monitoring vital functions. Easily fit yourself using the included Stainless Steel socket headed bolts and looks the business! Easily adapted for other vehic..
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  • 3/8" Impact Drive Female Torx Sockets (multiple sizes)
    3/8" Impact Drive Female Torx Sockets (multiple sizes) A common bolt head used for factory and aftermarket cylinder head bolts due to their good torques stability. King Dick sockets were more than likely the sockets on the production line when your car was built! Get the best. Made from E..
  • 3/8" Imperial Sheet Metal Punch
    Don't cut holes in your bodywork with holesaws or step drills, use one of these. Why hack when you can punch? The neatest, most professional holes in flat sheet material you can make. To use: Drill a pilot hole for the central bolt. Assemble the punch on both sides of the sheet then tighten t..
  • Aluminium Panel Prep
    1 Litre (Dilutes up to 15) of Aluminium Panel Prep in our classic metal can.   What is Aluminium Panel Prep? A powerful acidic cleaner for the rapid removal of corrosion, scale and oxide from aluminium vehicle bodies. PLEASE FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS AND NOTE THE HEALTH WARNINGS  ..
  • Angular Torque Gauge
    A useful tool when an exact torque value is needed in engine assembly. Some engines with stretch bolts (rover k-series for example) require the head bolts to be gradually torqued in sequence using an angular torquing value rather than a torque value itself (Nm etc). This can be a rather dauntin..