Lubricants & Treatments

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  • OIL CAN metal 17oz (500ml)
    Traditional style metal oil can but with nylon pump for durability and adjustable spout. Comes empty so you can add oil of your choice. ..
  • Red Rubber Grease (reconditions and protects)
    This traditional red rubber grease is designed for use internally on automotive brake assemblies, rubber and hydraulic components so when you are rebuilding master and slave cylinders or brake calipers you can use this to aid assembly, conserve seal performance and protect cylind..
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  • Rubber trim balm and reconditioner
    Launched at the Manchester Classic Car Show and sold out the first day! We've now got another batch made! Rubber trim suffers a number of issues, it can harden and eventually crack. On some vehicles the surface develops a patchy appearance which seems impossible to remove (later Rover product..
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  • Wet & Dry Cutting Lube Bar
    A specially formulated lube bar for use with 240 or finer ‘Wet & Dry’ when used wet. Keep in your water bucket and rub your abrasive across it each time you rinse. It reduces scratches significantly, lubricates the cutting and therefore speeds the sanding process and extends the life..
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  • Aluminium Graphite Anti-Seize assembly compound
    Aluminium & Graphite Anti-Seize compound is specially formulated to protect against seizure even under extreme conditions of pressure and temperature. Goes beyond the capabilities of copper grease in brake system applications, particularly if you use your system hard, for instance on track d..
  • Penetrating fluid and Sprayer combined Deal
    2.5Litres of our superb penetrating fluid combined with our brass nozzled spray applicator. When you've used it all up just buy a refil of the fluid. Good stuff that doubles as a moisture repellant for your electrical system etc. Not your domestic diluted penetrant, this is Industrial level p..
  • 2.5litre Penetrating Fluid
    We looked for the best penetrating fluid and found it not from the big 'market leader' where its all about saving pennies per can, but from a little company that quietly makes this product for the industrial sector. It is the best we've found and also makes a great moisture dispersant fo..
  • Copper Anti-Seize Grease
    Anti-Seize Copper Grease Copper Anti-Seize Grease is a high melting point, lead free copper based assembly compound which forms a dense protective coating that will not wash or burn off. Its anti-seize properties are particularly useful when assembling and dismantling. Copper Anti-Seize Grea..