Period metal Explosafe Fuel can/Toolbox with Leather and Stainless fitments

Period metal Explosafe Fuel can/Toolbox with Leather and Stainless fitments

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We all know that the fuel gauges in our classics can be a little err, vague, so we often carry a spare can of fuel. So if you think about it, we have a plastic can of highly inflammable liquid sliding about in the back of a vehicle which doesn’t have modern impact zones. It's not a good recipe and it's ugly.

We've now made these 1970’s period ‘1 Gallon’ (5 litre) metal fuel cans made on the original tooling but filled with ‘Explosafe’ mesh so it won’t create a fireball if you decide to have a crash. The bottom part is a strong plastic (so the spanners don’t rattle) tool tray which will hold most ‘get me home’ items and it comes with a thick hand tooled leather strap, solid metal buckle and stainless steel anchors for bolting to your boot floor which requires just 4 small holes which can be easily plugged in the future if you felt the need. The fixings are not visible from the top surface. Please note the 'spout' for filling is plastic for safety reasons - a metal one could potentially conduct a spark between your car, the can and your body grounding, which could make your day much more exciting for all the wrong reasons.

Beautifully made and adds a premium, yet safe and practical touch to any classic vehicle. Also available without the restrainer and as just a fuel can. Please note these are made to order so can take up to 10 days. If you require one urgently drop us a line as may be able to expedite.

Please note these cans are now in official hazard yellow. If you require another colour ask about our spray booth.

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