Fluid Spill Granules

Fluid Spill Granules

Product Code: FSG0001
Price: £5.99

1 Litre Classic Metal Tin full of granules that soak up oil and other liquid spills.


What is Fluid Spill Fix?

A natural granule formulation that can be quickly spread on fluid spills. It absorbs Oil/Fuel/Coolant so that it can be easily cleaned up, reducing hazard and damage to the driveway or workshop floor. This sort of product was previously only available in large containers aimed at commercial businesses and institutions making it uneconomical for the small workshop. Now you can have a handy can to hand and sprinkle the quantity required to soak up spills when the 'old girl' embarrasses herself - "Is it a classic?, well it leaks oil dunnit?!"


How to use Fluid Spill Fix

Sprinkle granules onto the spill. They will quickly absorb the spilled fluid. The granules retain the fluid, making it easy to collect and dispose of.

If all the fluid is not absorbed, sprinkle more Fluid Spill Fix on the area.

If the fluid has absorbed into the concrete or asphalt floor, sprinkle granules on and leave overnight. If some staining still remains it can be removed using our Workshop floor Stain Remover.


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