Rover T16 bespoke parts

Rover T16 bespoke parts
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  • Rover T16 Fuel Rail Inverter Bracket
    Allows you to use the standard fuel rail with the engine in a north/south configuration. Invert the fuel rail and use this bracket onto existing fitting points to support the rail to the inlet manifold. Slotted holes allow adjustment. Save hours of fabrication. Item is zinc plated and ready to go. ..
  • Heavy duty Remote Oil Filter Bracket (mocal mount)
    Our remote oil filter bracket is designed to allow you to easily mount mocal remote oil filter heads in your engine bay. The benefit of our bracket means it not only reduces vibration and therefore reduces aeration of oil, it allows you to mount the oil filter low on the chassis rail and increase ai..
  • MGB Transmission Tunnel Clearance Modification Panel
    MGB Transmission Tunnel Clearance Modification. If you are fitting a 5 speed gearbox (LT77/R380 for instance) into your MGB then you'll probably come across the issue of lack of clearance on the transmission tunnel. This problem is overcome by the well documented raising the 'roof..
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  • Rover T16 MG Conversion Exhaust Manifold Flange
    When converting your MGB to T16 engine power, you'll have the descision to go naturally aspirated or Turbocharged. Both will require ome fabrication modification to the exhaust system. Naturally Aspirated: The difficulty here is the original cast exhaust manifold from the n/a engines simply w..