Bespoke Parts

Since the first cars rolled on the face of the Earth, man has been repairing, tinkering and improving them for all sorts of reasons. Production costs often limit the quality of components used, which means they can be uprated. Sometimes testing doesn’t identify issues that raise themselves years later and need to be overcome. Occasionally technology evolves and supersedes the original item and very often changes are made to follow the latest trend and look ‘cool’. Once upon a time it was the fashion to jack up the rear of your motor to look like Starsky and Hutch, never mind that the car then fell over on fast bends or that the castor angle disappeared so much that it wouldn’t drive in a straight line. Yes, it seems incredible now but once it was on trend to cut holes in your van and insert a smoked acrylic porthole. Then there were his and hers sunstrips, whiplash aerials, anti-static strips and fur interiors. Did anyone have a ‘Texas Tom’ sticker? I created that…

C&B make an expanding range of parts aimed at improving certain models, fixing known issues they have or adapting parts to other uses. These tend to be developed for our own classics so if you think there is a need for something, let us know as we might be able to help.

These products are made in small quantities and sometimes there are lead-times, please check the notes on individual bespoke items. The time stated tends to be the worst possible scenario if you’ve caught us between batches. If you are in a hurry drop us a line and we can give you the exact stock level.