Dear Visitor

It is with a degree of sadness we announce the closure of Clement and Boggis "C&B" for the foreseeable future.

Several factors have contributed to this decision:
  1. The increased difficulty in sourcing the short run manufactured parts we require. The small engineering firms that are left after Covid are now very busy and prices for their services have increased to a point where economic sense is no longer part of the equation.
  2. Many materials prices have more than doubled both due to demand and energy costs required to make them.
  3. The paperwork required to supply items to our customers in Europe since Brexit makes sending small items uneconomical and unreliable.
  4. The Royal Mail, which is really the only economical option for small items in the UK, has lost a significant amount of that which we dispatched, a replacement cost we just cannot maintain.
  5. The final lever in this decision is the boom in our main "day job" which has become very successful, so do not feel sad for us.
If you have a particular need for an item only we do, or are one of our volume customers, drop us a line as we may be able to help from existing stocks.

Thanks to everyone for your support over the years.

Kind regards

Garry and Alfie