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Yode to the Old Can at the back

Do you own a trusty can of something that lasted years?

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Classic Car Parts | Car Restoration Products | Shake-n-Break

Clement and Boggis ‘C&B’ sell products for the restorer, predominantly of Classic Vehicles. Our philosophy is to stock items that we’ve tested ourselves do the job properly, its surprising how many products out there don’t meet that simple criteria. Where there is a need for vehicle restoration or enhancement items that isn’t met elsewhere then we develop solutions. Our range of restoration items grows every year and consists of both off the shelf classic car products and new ones we have developed. IReOx is our immersive rust remover, ideal for stripping rust completely from even internal box sections. TTACT tags are for labelling your wiring loom on removal to avoid problems on reassembly. We also make bespoke items to fit certain applications, like our gauge plates for the MGB. We also have some tools not usually available in the UK such as the Shake-n-Break, which is probably the best tool on earth to help you remove stubborn set screws. Our hole punches and dimple dies help you recreate that classic racer lightened look and are made especially for us here in the UK. For more standard tools we carry three ranges, the budget ‘BNS’ which will do the job and not fail on you, the ‘General’ which match or exceed the specifications of anything in the general restoration tool market and the ‘Professional’ items which are truly a joy to use and will last a lifetime. We’re building a range or organisers and storage for your workshop to help keep things organised, an often overlooked point in a restoration which can take several years. Its always good to be able to lay your hands on the irreplaceable part when you need it! Finally, we do a selection of gift orientated items for the classic vehicle restorer so they can point potential “gifters” to something better than those slippers with their marque logo on them!