Oil Filter Wrench that works

Oil Filter Wrench that works

Product Code: OFW001
Price: £5.49

Everybody tightens oil filters too much because the result of them being loose is catastrophic, so getting them loose can be a pain. If only they all had that hegagon form in the top that the best ones do!

The chain or strap wrenchs are all very well but there is rarely much space around the filter to turn the handle and then you have to re-seat it to move a little more and the housing distorts until you end up with the risky 'smash a screwdriver through it' method which risks damage and is messy.

This is the best affordable solution we've found. It slides over the end of the filter and you put your 3/8" ratchet in the end. As you turn it the arms pull inwards, gripping the filter. Being on the end means there is room for the filter to undo and the ratchet wrench means you can turn it in even small increments without giref.


Fits filters with diameter of 60mm to 110mm

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