Training Courses

What is that skill you've always wanted to learn or reached that point in your restoration that you need to know? The idea of C&B's one day courses is that they give you a really good, intense, full day of practical training in the subject featured. The venue is the amazing Bicester Heritage, in the top notch premises of the Heritage Skills Academy which is doing such great work with young apprentices (see our blog post here). Our courses are for young and old and most dates are Saturdays so that they don't interfere with your week.

One of the great benefits of Bicester Heritage, besides being in one of the foremost restoration centres in Europe, is that nearby are the Historic Bicester town, Bicester Designer Outlet and just a few minutes down the road, beautiful Oxford. That means your partner has lots to entertain themselves with whilst you have some fun!

Our plans are to grow these into a series on different subjects. Pick the course you are interested in below, then you can take one of the places available and pay online. We will then contact you with details for your day training with like minded fellow enthusiasts.

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  • English Wheeling Course August 18th 2018
    Who isn't fascinated by 'Wheeling' or 'English Wheeling' as everyone else in the world knows it. Transforming metal from a flat sheet into the beautiful compound curves the way Aston Martin, Bristol, Supermarine, Alvis and more used to do it. Now you can have a one day course in ..