2nd November 2014

Saving an Alfa Romeo Nord with IReOx

Alfa Romeo ‘Nord’ Twin cam. In 1949, only one in every ninety-six Italians owned a car but by 1963, that ratio was one in eleven! In these years,  Alfa was looking to boost sales and survive the post-war years tough climate.  They set about designing a series of cars that would turn the small volume manufacturer into a mass production powerhouse.  That aim resulted in the Giulietta, a car that combined a sublime monocoque chassis, rear wheel drive and coil over suspension, with Bertone (coupe) bodywork.  Underneath the bonnet featured a new engine.  An engine that would revolutionise the automotive world.

2nd November 2014

Extracting a Lambda sensor

If you've ever tried removing one, the phrase ‘Lambda sensor’ will surely induce a sigh or, if it was anywhere near as immovable as this cast iron manifold, a shiver will have run down your spine.  No matter how you well you get that socket or spanner on there, that thing is so stuck in you risk rounding the hex.  Don't risk it, IReOx it! Make up a solution of IReOx and drop that manifold/exhaust in there for a few days.  The IReOx will not only remove the rust from your manifold/exhaust surface, it will get to those area’s inside the primary tubes, that you simply cant get a brush or blaster!


31st October 2014

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