Electronic Brake Fluid Tester

Electronic Brake Fluid Tester

Product Code: EBFT0001
Price: £7.99

So you've just upgraded to those massive 320mm discs with 6-pot CNC'd calipers, great but dont forget the connection between your foot and the back of all of those pistons. The brake fluid!

Much talk is made of which fluid to go for, whether its DOT 3/4 poly glycol based fluid or DOT 5 silicone based brake fluid. Thats your descision to make but all you need to remember is; Moisture in the Brake system massively reduces Brake Fluid Performance! DOT 3 & 4  Brake Fluid absorbs water into the compound, this stops the water from sitting in the lines as droplets but severely reduces the boiling point of the Brake fluid. DOT 5 Fluid is silicone based, this fluid doesn't absorb the fluid so any moisture is in droplet form. An important note which is often overlooked is the Brake Fluid left in the bottle, its often used to top up the fluid inbetween service intervals. The problem is, Brake fluid absorbs moisure the moment the bottle is opened so the fluid become useless very quickly. 

Our Electronic Brake Fluid Tester allows you to monitor the moisture content of your Brake Fluid. This can be useful to determine service intervals or 'how olds that bottle' questions or even if you've bought a(nother) classic, you can check the health of the Fluid.

-Detects moisture in DOT 3, 4 and 5 brake fluid.

-Easy-to-read 3-colour LED display and insertion depth scale.

-With low battery warning and pocket clip.

-Requires 1 x AAA battery (included).

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