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  • Loupe Magnifier set
    For working really close up on tiny detail work. Plastic but that means they're cheap and bounce! Really useful for work on instrumentation, finding paint flaws and for getting splinters out of your fingers! Grip with your eyelid and top of cheek just like a monocle and pretend you are checki..
    OK, so most of us can tell if the garage is too cold to work but it’s useful to know the ACTUAL temperature sometimes. Enamels don’t dry properly if its too cold and you end up with a tacky surface that can take weeks to go off for example. Aerosol primers can go tack dry on the surface ..
  • Sound Level Meter with Battery
    A sound level meter is one of those useful tools that can't normally be justified as they're very expensive, but this little item does the job to a reasonable accuracy and is cheap enough to justify its existance in your tool arsenal. If you are doing a trck day check the loudness of that mo..
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