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  • Inverter-Fusion MIG170 WELDER
    There is an old saying that goes "A bad workman blames his tools" but that was coined years ago when a blacksmith basically had a hammer and an anvil, which was hard to get wrong. Some modern tools are quite sophisticated and can indeed make the difference between a good and bad job. The p..
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  • Inverter-Fusion iTECH 40 PLASMA CUTTER
    Cutting a section out of a bodyshell for replacement, removing cut sections from scrapped vehicles for use on your resto or for cutting steel to the shape you want the easy way, a Plasma cutter is almost unsurpassable for speed and neatness. We're all familiar with the 3 states of matter : Solid..
  • Inverter-Fusion 200HF TIG WELDER
    TIG welding takes some time to grasp and practice cetainly improves the breed, but if you want beautiful welds on items that will be exposed, particularly aluminium and stainless steel, TIG is the way to go. The arc is struck electronically, similar to a MIG weld, but the filler metal is introduced ..