Paint thickness (and filler finder) gauge

Paint thickness (and filler finder) gauge

Product Code: PTG0002
Price: £26.99

Paint thickness gauges have several benefits but the professional ones are very expensive. This little bit of electronics is accurate enough to be a good guide, yet cost effective enough for the man in the street or small business to own.

Three key uses are:

1) Measuring thickness to highlight thin spots on your vehicle paint so that you can avoid heavy cutting during polishing (and definitely avoid flatting with wet and dry and re-polishing). This can often occur over the many years of loving ownership a classic receives and avoiding cutting right through the paint saves you thousands in repainting and potential colour matching issues.

2) Measuring the thickness of paint on a cars panels to determine if it has had multiple resprays (which could indicate a colour change). Take several readings across the car and if all the same and very thick then this could be why (although it could be a really high quality single colour paint job so use in conjuction with other giveaways).

3) Identifying deep spot areas which usually means filler. Spot areas of filler under the paint that are much deeper than the rest of the vehicle finish.

The unit measures the distance from the surface to the metal bodywork.

Runs on two AAA batteries which are included. Dual range 0-1.8mm and 0-71mm. Switcheable to Imperial. Accuracy +/-0.03mm. Comes with known thickness samples to ensure accurate calibration.

Not to be confused with units that just have a green/red/yellow LED or a magnet!!

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