Wet & Dry (Dual Rate)

Wet & Dry (Dual Rate)

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Wet and Dry is used for bodywork refinishing on vehicles to get a really fine surface prior to painting. You normally remove old paint or shape filler with the coarsest grade (120) then work your way down the grades to the finest (1200 grit), each removing the cut marks of the previous grade. If you jump from say, a 240 to a 1200, you'll find yourself sanding for hours to get a good finish.

To aid this process, our Wet and Dry is a unique 'Dual Rate' product that is the coarser of its specified grits for a few minutes on initial use, before stabilising at its finer grade for the rest of the process. This speeds the work no end.

We also sell our Wet and Dry by the sheet rather than in packs because, to do a proper job, you need several grades, in a mixture of quantities. If you buy in packs you tend to just get a couple because of the expense but this way you can get the amounts you need at no additional cost for this quality of material.

That is an important thing to know about Wet and Dry - the quality varies ENORMOUSLY. We actually bought a pack from one of the national ‘Tool’ chains that had the grit applied with a water soluble adhesive. When we soaked it in the water bucket for use all the grit fell off! We kid you not!

TIP: Use wet and for the finer grades apply some of our lube bar: (http://clementandboggis.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=60_83&product_id=152) to the wet sheet to minimise clogging and scratching when final finishing between layers of topcoat. Rinse in you water bucket regularly.

Buy one more sheet than you think you’ll need, it pays off.

Silicon Carbide with Latex backing 280mm x 230mm.

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