Trim Remover & Installer Set

Trim Remover & Installer Set

Product Code: TRTS0001
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For removing and fitting upholstery, clips, trims, mouldings and wheel hubs. Do not confuse these with those 3" long soft plastic 'tools' you see around. These are large and made of glass reinforced resin so very strong yet unlikely to mark surrounding surfaces. Great for popping off interior door panels without marking the paint or pulling the clip through the hardboard panel.

Particularly good when fitting windscreens and the associated chrome insert that classics often feature. Reduces the swearing by a factor of over 8. Once you've used them you'll wish you'd bought them years ago.

Strong nylon and fibreglass construction prevents scratches or damage to panels.

Includes wide, narrow, pull and handle type removers and upholstery clip remover.

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