IReOx accessories

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  • IReOx DIY tank liner 4m wide x linear metres of your choice
    Build your own IReOx tank to suit your bumpers, crossmembers, doors, what have you. Making your own tank means it fits the items you want to derust and doesn't waste any IReOx. When you have built the frame and panel sides, line your Tank with this heavy duty flexible PVC 250mu thick. The wid..
  • IReOx Mixing Container (25 Litre capacity)
    The IReOx container has the capacity for a 25 litre solution of IReOx Rust Remover. Comes with a sealable lid and strong metal handle, great if you need to move about the garage. If you want to build a tank to suit large items it can be done cheaply and easily following our intructions: TO DOWNLO..
  • 20 piece Wire Brush set
    A comprehensive wire brush set suitable for numerous uses including removing carbon cleaning from internal threads or pipes and cleaning drilled holes. Set includes a 6 inch extension with quick chuck for power tool use and a soft grip handle for hand use   A comprehensive wire brush s..
  • Detail Wire Brush Set of 6
    An assortment of different fill brushes With durable plastic handles include Includes 2 nylon brush for detailing dash and upholstery, 2 steel brush for removal of rust, 2 brass brush for cleaning Ideal for cleaning metal before welding 175mm length, 13mm bristles size ..
  • IReOx & Paint Stirrer
    Getting well mixed paint is crucial to a good and consistent finish. Often the little consumables can over looked and can impeid the process, ranging from colour disparity and even drying times so why not stock up on our clever paint stirrers for peace of mind! Great for use when dilu..
  • Project and Parts Management White Board
    Keep a track on your project!  It may seem simple but writing down all those little 'to do's' and odd bits you need to grab next time you visit your favourite online shop (input; cheesy smile) can make all the difference to your projects time frame. From the pro's to the novi..
  • PVC Gauntlet Gloves
    PVC Gloves, perfect for use with IReOx!   Up to your elbows in it, yet still dry! Long sleeves allows you to reach all those nuts and bolts in the bath of IReOx without getting wet!   ..
    Those of us who are as ‘classic’ as our vehicles might need spectacles to see some small items but ‘normal’ specs are a bit small to truly protect your eyes and chemical or grinding spatter can ruin the coatings on your expensive prescription glasses.   Just pop th..
      If you’ve ever been to Casualty with something in your eye you’ll know what an ordeal it is. IThe irritation hangs around long after the Doc has plucked the offending particle out, especially if it was a hot grinder spark (Can you tell I speak from experience? 30 years ago and ..