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  • Lenses for budget  Welding Helmet - pk 5
    The Lens on your welding helmet are consumable. They get pitted over time by weld splatter and scratched when you wipe them with your welding glove. Pack of 5. ..
  • Welding Gloves
    Nice compromise glove, not too thick so you can actually feel the trigger on the gun but protects from sparks and at a reasonable price. ..
  • Welding Helmet - Premium, auto dimming
    Large aperture window high quality helmet for long life and your protection. We also sell replacement lens as these are consumable. They get pitted over time by weld splatter and scratched when you wipe the lens with your welding glove. TIP: If you buy a helmet from anywhere, make sure you can ge..
  • Disposable Workshop Gloves
    100 Pack. Versatile. Lightly powdered, non-sterile and latex free. Excellent sensitivity and dexterity. Ambidextrous and reversible, smooth finish and beaded cuff. Simple design. ..
    2m x 1m (6'6" x 3'3") plastic foil emergency blanket. Smaller than an envelope but amazing insulation properties. Tuck away in the glove box and if you break down, it will keep your co-pilot warm whilst you “fettle the old girl” or await the recovery wagon. We've fo..
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  • This firm rubber mat is great for keeping in the boot in case of breakdown or taking with you when inspecting vehicles for purchase. Makes crawling around under the car a much more bearable experience! Use it folded as a very comfortable kneeling rest. When open its 1210mm (4ft) long and 420mm (1..
  • Workshop Clean Up Roll
    Once you've used proper Workshop Roll you won't touch kitchen roll again. Great for applying cleaners, wiping hands, dealing with lubricant spills, etcetera Doesn't fall apart when mopping up solvents, this stuff is so absorbant and the sheet size is large. Don't confuse with t..
  • Loupe Magnifier set
    For working really close up on tiny detail work. Plastic but that means they're cheap and bounce! Really useful for work on instrumentation, finding paint flaws and for getting splinters out of your fingers! Grip with your eyelid and top of cheek just like a monocle and pretend you are checki..
    OK, so most of us can tell if the garage is too cold to work but it’s useful to know the ACTUAL temperature sometimes. Enamels don’t dry properly if its too cold and you end up with a tacky surface that can take weeks to go off for example. Aerosol primers can go tack dry on the surface ..