Welding Helmet - budget auto dimming

Welding Helmet - budget auto dimming

Product Code: WH0001
Price: £26.99

We don't sell a fixed lens helmet as modern variable tint ones are now affordable and vastly superior. You can set up your welding pieces and strike the weld whereupon the lens dims in a fraction of a second to protect your eyes and so you can see the weld puddle.

This is our 'budget' helmet but the spec is anything but cheap. The more expensive models will give you more window area and more robust construction but for light duties this is up to the job.

We also sell replacement lens as these are consumable. They get pitted over time by weld splatter and scratched when you wipe the lens with your welding glove. TIP: If you buy a helmet from anywhere, make sure you can get these!

Suitable for MIG, TIG and Arc (MMA/GMAW) welding. Dimming is powered by a solar cell on the top face for simple and reliable operation. 4-way adjustable padded headband. Dual light sensors switch from light to dark in 1/5,000 second. DIN shade 3 (light) / DIN shade 11 (dark). DIN 16 UV and IR protection. Certified to EN379 and 175.

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