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  • Barrier Cream. In An Oil Can! OMG!
    For all you macho guys out there who don’t care about the grease and dirt in the cracks and crannies of their hands, who don’t understand why their partner doesn’t want a massage anymore and who laughs in the face of dermatitis... here is the answer! You’ll have found by n..
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  • Ear Plugs
    60 ear plugs in a clear sided tin.These are soft tapered ones which we particularly like (don't buy the cylindrical ones, they're a pain to use as you can't squeeze the end down enough). They are rated at 37db which is only 2db more than the common ones everyone else does but it's..
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  • Waterless Hand Cleaner (Great for breakdowns)
    Compact squeezable bottle of hand cleaner that doesn't require water to rinse. Great for keeping in the glovebox or toolkit for those breakdowns - or 'Roadside Tuning' as we like to call it. Massage into greasy hands and wipe off with a cloth or paper towel. 100ml. ..
  • Good Ear Defenders
    If you are tempted to save about £1.50 by buying some of the cheap ear 'defenders' you see floating around its worth checking if they pass the standard EN352-1 and what their attenuation is, as many are under 20db. The thing to know is that the Decibel scale isn't linear, so 60d..
  • PVC Gauntlet Gloves
    PVC Gloves, perfect for use with IReOx!   Up to your elbows in it, yet still dry! Long sleeves allows you to reach all those nuts and bolts in the bath of IReOx without getting wet!   ..
    Those of us who are as ‘classic’ as our vehicles might need spectacles to see some small items but ‘normal’ specs are a bit small to truly protect your eyes and chemical or grinding spatter can ruin the coatings on your expensive prescription glasses.   Just pop th..
      If you’ve ever been to Casualty with something in your eye you’ll know what an ordeal it is. IThe irritation hangs around long after the Doc has plucked the offending particle out, especially if it was a hot grinder spark (Can you tell I speak from experience? 30 years ago and ..
  • Coolest, neatest Ear and Eye Protectors
    They look like eye protectors, then, when the going gets loud, you pop open the ends and pull out the earplugs! When finished, the plugs retract back into the arms of the specs! How cool is that?! They're not mickey mouse either, the lenses are hard coated, high impact rated with UVA and UVB ..
  • Welding Helmet - budget auto dimming
    We don't sell a fixed lens helmet as modern variable tint ones are now affordable and vastly superior. You can set up your welding pieces and strike the weld whereupon the lens dims in a fraction of a second to protect your eyes and so you can see the weld puddle. This is our 'budget'..
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