Fuel Systems

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  • Period metal Explosafe Fuel can/Toolbox with Leather and Stainless fitments
    We all know that the fuel gauges in our classics can be a little err, vague, so we often carry a spare can of fuel. So if you think about it, we have a plastic can of highly inflammable liquid sliding about in the back of a vehicle which doesn’t have modern impact zones. It's not a good re..
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  • Rover T16 Fuel Rail Inverter Bracket
    Allows you to use the standard fuel rail with the engine in a north/south configuration. Invert the fuel rail and use this bracket onto existing fitting points to support the rail to the inlet manifold. Slotted holes allow adjustment. Save hours of fabrication. Item is zinc plated and ready to go. ..
  • Rubber & Plastic Tube Cutter
    Rubber & Plastic Tube Cutter Handy little tool for cleanly cutting hoses and flexible tubes. Very important when getting a good seal on vacuum and fuel lines. Cuts nylon, rubber, silicone, PU, PVC, PTFE and most other flexible plastic tubing. ..
  • SU Fuel Pump Blanking Plate MGB etcetera.
    Specifically designed for MGB's utilising a different fuel pump to the standard SU. The latter fits through the bodywork via a large hole. This plate is designed to blank that aperture but can be adapted for any vehilce using the same pump. Just coat edge with sealant, drill pilot holes in ..
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