Engine Building Tools

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  • Petrol Engine Compression Tester
    Economical Petrol Engine Compression Tester. Testing the cylinder compression on your engine is one of the best ways to test an engine's internal health, which is otherwise hard to establish. It can help identify rough running issues caused by worn/damaged valve gear or piston rings on indivi..
  • Piston Ring Pliers
    Piston ring pliers with nickel-plated carbon steel for corrosion resistance and comfortable vinyl-dipped handles. Sprung mechanism for control.  Installs and removes piston rings up to 6.4mm (1/4") without twisting. ..
  • Platform Dolly/Engine/gearbox movement stand
    These little Dollies are just great. They're tough and cheap and really useful. Approx 1" (2.5cm) thick ply and 500mm x 300mm overall, they'll carry 150kgs each which covers most 4 cylinder engines. We join two or more together (see photo) to carry our engines which makes them really ea..
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  • Spark Plug Brush
    Brass bristles and hardwood handle. For cleaning spark plugs. Length 200mm. ..
  • Spark Plug Gap Tool
    SO simple but just brilliant. Bevelled and hatched scale edge tapers around the circumference to suit the gap you want to measure/adjust. Don't phaff around with feeler gauges, make this your new key fob! Metric 0.5 - 2.55mm  Imperial 0.02 - 0.1". Solid alloy steel. ..
  • Torque Gauge
    Many engines now specify and torque ANGLE rather than a torque SETTING in nm or lbs/ft for cylinder heads. It is important to apply this accurately, especially on K Series and it sounds simple but wrenches slip, human error steps in and well, for the sake of a few quid you can do it properly. Chrome..
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  • Torque Wrench
    Chrome vanadium steel precision torque wrench. Supplied with calibration certificate. Includes 125mm extension bar, drive adaptor and storage case. Conforms to DIN 3120 & EN ISO 6789 ..
  • Oil Filter Wrench that works
    Everybody tightens oil filters too much because the result of them being loose is catastrophic, so getting them loose can be a pain. If only they all had that hegagon form in the top that the best ones do! The chain or strap wrenchs are all very well but there is rarely much space around the filt..