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  • Open Ended Ratchet Spanners (Yes, really) Imperial
    Once you've used these you won't go back. At one end a 'normal' open ended spanner, at the other a ratchet spanner in an open ended head! Makes the most tight access jobs easier and a boon for brake pipe nuts etc. Loosen with fixed head then ratchet away with the other. These aren..
  • Paint Marker Pen
    Paint Marker which is really useful as it writes on most components. The nib is quite wide but great on disassembly of your project so you can mark each large part. Even better if you've got a few running and need to know which flywheel fits which (can you tell we've been there?!) Also us..
  • Period metal Explosafe Fuel can/Toolbox with Leather and Stainless fitments
    We all know that the fuel gauges in our classics can be a little err, vague, so we often carry a spare can of fuel. So if you think about it, we have a plastic can of highly inflammable liquid sliding about in the back of a vehicle which doesn’t have modern impact zones. It's not a good re..
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  • Petrol Engine Compression Tester
    Economical Petrol Engine Compression Tester. Testing the cylinder compression on your engine is one of the best ways to test an engine's internal health, which is otherwise hard to establish. It can help identify rough running issues caused by worn/damaged valve gear or piston rings on indivi..
  • Platform Dolly/Engine/gearbox movement stand
    These little Dollies are just great. They're tough and cheap and really useful. Approx 1" (2.5cm) thick ply and 500mm x 300mm overall, they'll carry 150kgs each which covers most 4 cylinder engines. We join two or more together (see photo) to carry our engines which makes them really ea..
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  • Project and Parts Management White Board
    Keep a track on your project!  It may seem simple but writing down all those little 'to do's' and odd bits you need to grab next time you visit your favourite online shop (input; cheesy smile) can make all the difference to your projects time frame. From the pro's to the novi..
  • Rectangular 'We Don't give Green Shield' Sign
    CLICK THE MAGNIFYING GLASS TO ENLARGE Rectangular 'We Don't give Green Shield' Sign 500mm x 360mm (just over 19 1/2" x 14"). Semi-matt finish reduces reflections. A classic reborn! - with a slight twist. Printed on a stiff 3mm signage grade aluminium faced composite with ..
  • Red Polishing Compound
    Suitable for 1st stage polishing of copper, aluminium, brass and soft metals. For use with spiral stitched buffing wheels. Full 1/2Kg bar, not a useless sliver! ..
  • Red Rubber Grease (reconditions and protects)
    This traditional red rubber grease is designed for use internally on automotive brake assemblies, rubber and hydraulic components so when you are rebuilding master and slave cylinders or brake calipers you can use this to aid assembly, conserve seal performance and protect cylind..
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