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  • IReOx Natural Rust Remover 5 Litres
    FREE SHIPPING ON THIS PRODUCT WORTH £7.99 (ITS HEAVY) Container of IReOx concentrate 5 litres in size which makes 50 litres by dilution. Full instructions at: www.ireoxrustremover.co.uk ABOUT IReOx IReOx (pronounced "e-re-ox") is a rust remover, not converter. It com..
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    Many reasons for buying: 1)  Simply excellent for diagnosing cooling system problems. Point the laser light at your engine hoses, block, thermostat housing, radiator (across and down) and plot the results to find out where things are getting blocked or not flowing properly. 2) Paint dryin..
  • LED Multilamp (inc Batteries)
    Bright 24 LED lantern and 3 LED torch combined in one tough little unit that slips neatly into a pocket. Magnetic back plate plus hanging hook. Ideal for hanging on suspension parts in dark wheel arches or sticking under a dash with its internal magnets for wiring work. Press the switch a second tim..
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  • Long Nib Hole Marker
    Our long nib marker makes marking up of engineering tasks a doddle.  If you've tried to mark the position of a bracket or similar by forcing a pencil down a hole in a casting you'll know what we're talking about. Introducing the solution! Our long nib, steel shaft marker makes it..
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  • Mechanics Stethoscope
    The old fashioned way for diagnosing engine mechanical problems but easily the best if your car doesn't have a computer port(!) We had a TR7 with a knocking noise and pinned it down to the small end of one of the conrods with one of these. Saved a lot of time not taking the whole thing apart. Co..
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  • Mini Tube Cutter
    Mini Tube Cutter! Adjustable tube cutter with high-quality, hardened and tempered steel cutting wheel and double rollers. Corrosion-resistant finish. Requires minimal swing around the tubing, for use in extremely tight spaces. Cuts copper, brass and aluminium tube. Cutting capacity 3 - 2..
    Box of 85 rubber grommets in 8 popular sizes from 4.2mm (inside dia mm) x 7.2mm (outside dia mm) to 15.4mmx23.8mm REALLY useful so your engine/water pump rebuild doesn’t grind to a halt in midflow for the sake of an O ring! ..
  • OIL CAN metal 17oz (500ml)
    Traditional style metal oil can but with nylon pump for durability and adjustable spout. Comes empty so you can add oil of your choice. ..
  • Old Skool Clutch Alignment tool
    For aligning clutch plate on most classic (and modern!) cars and light commercial vehicles. Proper metal job. Adapter fits through clutch plate and into pilot bushing or bearing. Electroplated for corrosion resistance. Includes centring shaft with clutch plate adaptor, 2 x pilot bearing adaptors (15..