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    Box of 64 circlips in 8 popular sizes from 6 to 25mm No need to curse anymore when that circlip you’re levering off goes PING! ..
  • Feeler Gauges
    Combination leaf feeler gauge accurately measures gaps between components. Hardened and polished carbon steel. Leaves are clearly marked with sizes. 26 Leaves - 0.051 - 0.635mm ..
  • File Cleaning Brush
    Wonder why your files seem to be blunt? They’re probably just clogged, the fine cutting surface of metal files easily choke up with particles, especially if you are filing soft non-ferrous metals as well as steel with the same file you naughty boy (we’ve all done it, who has two sets of ..
  • Fluid Spill Granules
    1 Litre Classic Metal Tin full of granules that soak up oil and other liquid spills.   What is Fluid Spill Fix? A natural granule formulation that can be quickly spread on fluid spills. It absorbs Oil/Fuel/Coolant so that it can be easily cleaned up, reducing hazard and damage to the d..
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  • Gas Soldering Iron and Mini Blow Torch
    Gas Soldering Iron and Mini Blow Torch This is a really handy little tool. From emergency repair to the electrical system to fitting heat shrink to wiring, this is one of those must have's. It can be used as a soldering iron using one of the four tips provided or without a tip, as a mini..
  • Gasgacinch 440a
    The famous American sealing compound which has been around for years and many folks swear by. The lovely, traditional, 4 US ounce (118ml) metal can is plenty for do-it-yourself automotive enthusiasts as it is very fluid. Use on gaskets but manufacturer also advises it can be used on hose connections..
    Ideal for removing old gaskets. Metal construction. Sharp enough to hack away at even gummed on gaskets but not so hard you risk serious damage to the surface unless you’re a total klutz. Sliding handle protects the blade (and you) when not in use.  ..
  • Green Polishing Compound
    For first stage polishing of copper, brass, steel and stainless steel. Proper 1/2Kg bar not a useless sliver! ..
    Box of 35 rubber grommets in 8 sizes from 7.5mm (1/4”) to 25mm (1”) approx. REALLY useful so your rebuild doesn’t grind to a halt in midflow for the sake of a grommet! ..
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