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  • Waterless Hand Cleaner (Great for breakdowns)
    Compact squeezable bottle of hand cleaner that doesn't require water to rinse. Great for keeping in the glovebox or toolkit for those breakdowns - or 'Roadside Tuning' as we like to call it. Massage into greasy hands and wipe off with a cloth or paper towel. 100ml. ..
  • 'My Garage, My Rules' Sign
     'My Garage, My Rules' Sign 300mm x 312mm (Roughly 12" square). Semi-matt finish reduces reflections. Demand respect in your domain! Printed on a stiff 3mm signage grade aluminium faced composite with pre-cut holes to speed mounting. Rounded corners.   ..
  • 1/2" (13mm) Dimple Die
    Once you have punched a hole in your bodywork, you can make the panel stifferr than it was before and a heck of a lot more attractive, by using a dimple die of the correct size. The bend reinforces the panel and by using a punch and the die several times across a pnael you can both lighten and stren..
  • 1/2" Imperial Sheet Metal Punch
    Don't cut holes in your bodywork with holesaws or step drills, use one of these. Why hack when you can punch? The neatest, most professional holes in flat sheet material you can make. To use: Drill a pilot hole for the central bolt. Assemble the punch on both sides of the sheet then tighten t..
  • Battery Hydrometer for testing Electrolyte
    Traditional glass and rubber Hydrometer. Not so easy to come by these days, but useful if your battery is not the sealed type. Could save you the price of a new battery and help diagnose where the problem lays. Open the battery caps, dip in and squeeze the bulb to suck some of the electrolyte int..
  • Good Ear Defenders
    If you are tempted to save about £1.50 by buying some of the cheap ear 'defenders' you see floating around its worth checking if they pass the standard EN352-1 and what their attenuation is, as many are under 20db. The thing to know is that the Decibel scale isn't linear, so 60d..
  • Paint thickness (and filler finder) gauge
    Paint thickness gauges have several benefits but the professional ones are very expensive. This little bit of electronics is accurate enough to be a good guide, yet cost effective enough for the man in the street or small business to own. Three key uses are: 1) Measuring thickness to highlight..
  • PVC Gauntlet Gloves
    PVC Gloves, perfect for use with IReOx!   Up to your elbows in it, yet still dry! Long sleeves allows you to reach all those nuts and bolts in the bath of IReOx without getting wet!   ..
  • Spare tip set for SHAKE-N-BREAK & other impact drivers
    8mm (5/16") bit set with 6 pieces: 2 off Ph2. 2 off Ph3. 2 off Flat 10mm. Quality hardened bits not auction site monkey metal. ..