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  • U clips and washer head bolts No:8
    Used to fix panels and access hatches to car bodywork using self tappingfasteners. Drill both panels with a clearance hole for the screw, push the clip over the edge of the panel and then screw the panels together. The clip takes up any tolerance in the exact position of the clearance hole. Used in ..
  • Underseal removal brush
    Our very effective underseal removal brush fits on your grinder and blasts off old underseal. Saving on hours of scraping and anger Please note; this tool is as dangerous as it is effective. You will need full face protection, long sleeves and gloves. Think, 'hurt locker' levels.  ..
  • Wet & Dry (Dual Rate)
    Wet and Dry is used for bodywork refinishing on vehicles to get a really fine surface prior to painting. You normally remove old paint or shape filler with the coarsest grade (120) then work your way down the grades to the finest (1200 grit), each removing the cut marks of the previous grade. If you..
  • Wet & Dry Cutting Lube Bar
    A specially formulated lube bar for use with 240 or finer ‘Wet & Dry’ when used wet. Keep in your water bucket and rub your abrasive across it each time you rinse. It reduces scratches significantly, lubricates the cutting and therefore speeds the sanding process and extends the life..
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  • Wheel Cleaning Brush
    Soft bristles clean your Wire Wheels, Steelies and Alloys without scratching them. Use a good quality wheel cleaner!        ..
  • 3 Gauge mounting  MG replaces radio blanking plate - CHROME
    In place of your MG radio blanking plate (or radio) fit this neat 2mm steel gauge holder. Accepts 3 standard 52mm gauges for monitoring vital functions. Easily fit yourself using the included Stainless Steel socket headed bolts and looks the business! Easily adapted for other vehic..
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  • 3/8" (10mm) Dimple Die
    Once you have punched a hole in your bodywork, you can make the panel stifferr than it was before and a heck of a lot more attractive, by using a dimple die of the correct size. The bend reinforces the panel and by using a punch and the die several times across a pnael you can both lighten and stren..
  • 7/16" Imperial Sheet Metal Punch
    Don't cut holes in your bodywork with holesaws or step drills, use one of these. Why hack when you can punch? The neatest, most professional holes in flat sheet material you can make. To use: Drill a pilot hole for the central bolt. Assemble the punch on both sides of the sheet then tighten t..
  • Aluminium Graphite Anti-Seize assembly compound
    Aluminium & Graphite Anti-Seize compound is specially formulated to protect against seizure even under extreme conditions of pressure and temperature. Goes beyond the capabilities of copper grease in brake system applications, particularly if you use your system hard, for instance on track d..