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  • 7/16" Imperial Sheet Metal Punch
    Don't cut holes in your bodywork with holesaws or step drills, use one of these. Why hack when you can punch? The neatest, most professional holes in flat sheet material you can make. To use: Drill a pilot hole for the central bolt. Assemble the punch on both sides of the sheet then tighten t..
  • Aluminium Graphite Anti-Seize assembly compound
    Aluminium & Graphite Anti-Seize compound is specially formulated to protect against seizure even under extreme conditions of pressure and temperature. Goes beyond the capabilities of copper grease in brake system applications, particularly if you use your system hard, for instance on track d..
  • Black Polishing Compound
    For first stage polishing of copper, brass, steel and stainless steel. Use a sisal buffing wheels. Full 1/2Kg bar not a useless sliver! ..
  • Ear Plugs
    60 ear plugs in a clear sided tin.These are soft tapered ones which we particularly like (don't buy the cylindrical ones, they're a pain to use as you can't squeeze the end down enough). They are rated at 37db which is only 2db more than the common ones everyone else does but it's..
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  • Mini Air Line Filter
    Compact airline filter unit for use with air tools and especially useful for sprayguns - small enough to fit between the handle and the air hose. Filters airborne solid contaminants, pipe scale, rust, condensate from air lines. A filter on your compressor stops contaminents from the tank but this al..
  • Rectangular 'Addicated to Brake Fluid' Sign
    Rectangular 'Addicated to Brake Fluid' Sign 450mm x 340mm (just over 17 1/2" x 13"). Semi-matt finish reduces reflections. Car nuts get the joke, 'normal people' it just goes over their head. Looks good in the 'Man Cave'. Printed on a stiff 3mm signage grade alum..
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  • Rectangular 'Classic? Of course its a Classic' Sign
    Rectangular 'Classic? Of course its a Classic' Sign 446mm x 312mm (17 1/2" x just over  12"). Semi-matt finish reduces reflections. Car nuts get the joke, 'normal people' it just goes over their head. Looks good in the Garage to confirm your vehicles classic status. ..
    Shake-N-Break is a super quality American made  air impact screw and fastener removal tool. It uses standard, changeable, 5/16" hex insert bits that fit most fasteners and screws in circulation. It slots into a standard air hammer with safety spring and used at low air press..
  • Waterless Hand Cleaner (Great for breakdowns)
    Compact squeezable bottle of hand cleaner that doesn't require water to rinse. Great for keeping in the glovebox or toolkit for those breakdowns - or 'Roadside Tuning' as we like to call it. Massage into greasy hands and wipe off with a cloth or paper towel. 100ml. ..