Product Code: LIT0001
Price: £27.99

Many reasons for buying:

1)  Simply excellent for diagnosing cooling system problems. Point the laser light at your engine hoses, block, thermostat housing, radiator (across and down) and plot the results to find out where things are getting blocked or not flowing properly.

2) Paint drying, helps make sure you heat the surface evenly and not close to burning.

3) Welding aluminium. When heating castings prior to welding helps to avoid over/under temp.

4)  Brilliant entertainment. Point the laser at the wall and make the cat chase it for hours. Also, check the dogs temperature without hiding a thermometer where light doesn’t shine (got to be worth it for that alone).

WE SUPPLY WITH A FULL SET OF HIGH POWER ALKALINE BATTERIES, a wrist strap to prevent you dropping it in your fan blades and a 3 year warranty if you register it online (this is a well made, not like the cheap non laser ones on fleabay!). Officially accurate to +/-2°C but in practice we find them much better than that.

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