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  • Anti-Freeze Tester
    Disc (easier to read) rather than ball type Anti-Freeze tester with plastic body and rubber bulb. Yes, the old glass ones are more retro but they break the first time you drop them- and you will. Freeze protection level indicated by 6 x floating coloured discs. Easy-to-read temperature table. For..
    Many reasons for buying: 1)  Simply excellent for diagnosing cooling system problems. Point the laser light at your engine hoses, block, thermostat housing, radiator (across and down) and plot the results to find out where things are getting blocked or not flowing properly. 2) Paint dryin..
  • MG/Rover K series thermostat gasket spacer
    When an external remote thermostat housing is fitted to an MG/Rover K Series installation, the existing thermostat is removed.  However, the gasket has a slot for the thermostat so needs something in its place to ensure a good seal. In the past it has been normal practise for the old termostat ..