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  • Detail Wire Brush Set of 6
    An assortment of different fill brushes With durable plastic handles include Includes 2 nylon brush for detailing dash and upholstery, 2 steel brush for removal of rust, 2 brass brush for cleaning Ideal for cleaning metal before welding 175mm length, 13mm bristles size ..
  • Fluid Spill Granules
    1 Litre Classic Metal Tin full of granules that soak up oil and other liquid spills.   What is Fluid Spill Fix? A natural granule formulation that can be quickly spread on fluid spills. It absorbs Oil/Fuel/Coolant so that it can be easily cleaned up, reducing hazard and damage to the d..
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    Ideal for removing old gaskets. Metal construction. Sharp enough to hack away at even gummed on gaskets but not so hard you risk serious damage to the surface unless you’re a total klutz. Sliding handle protects the blade (and you) when not in use.  ..
  • Heavy Duty Underseal and Rust Remover brush
    The most common wire brush we see used are those wooden handled weld clean up brushes which are pretty hopeless for flaky underseal or deep rust removal as you can't get any force behind them. This item has two grips and their position means you are applying pressure right over the brush head..
  • Underseal removal brush
    Our very effective underseal removal brush fits on your grinder and blasts off old underseal. Saving on hours of scraping and anger Please note; this tool is as dangerous as it is effective. You will need full face protection, long sleeves and gloves. Think, 'hurt locker' levels.  ..
  • Workshop Floor Stain Remover
    1 Litre (Dilutable up to 5) supplied in our Classic Metal Tin. What is Workshop Floor Stain Remover? An effective dispersant formula that removes oil stains from your concrete or asphalt driveway or workshop floor. Non-caustic and non-flammable, it contains no hydrocarbon solvents or caustic ..
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  • General Purpose Brass Wire Brush
    General Purpose Wire Brush heavy duty wire brush with brassed steel wire securely held in spine with comfortable grip handle. Nice because it is narrow so especially good for getting into corners when removing rust etc. Ideal for removing rust from exposed threads prior to undoing. ..
  • Large wire weld cleaning brush
    Large 4 row wire brush for cleaning welds, flaky coating removal etc.   ..