Rover T16 MG Conversion Exhaust Manifold Flange

Rover T16 MG Conversion Exhaust Manifold Flange

Product Code: LSR0118
Price: £10.99

When converting your MGB to T16 engine power, you'll have the descision to go naturally aspirated or Turbocharged. Both will require ome fabrication modification to the exhaust system.

Naturally Aspirated: The difficulty here is the original cast exhaust manifold from the n/a engines simply wont fit in the mg engine bay, not only fouling the chassis rail but it's a 4 into 2 manifold so you have twice the piping and difficulty when routing. The solution is to use the exhaust manifold from the Turbocharged cars. This manifold bolts right up and the exit flange is to the rear of the engine. Just where the original MGB exhaust system sits. 

Then its case of fabricating a straight link peice between the two. This is where our Turbo Manifold flange comes in, it is a mirror image of the manifold flange with its offset bolt pattern, so you simply weld this to your fabricated downpipe and it will bolt up using the original rover studs!

For Turbocharged engines: The original turbo manifold is great for N/A applications but it actually mounts the turbocharger too low, up against the body and chassis. This means you will have to fabricate your own manifold so the turbo sits higher in the engine bay (like the old sierra cosworths, for example). This is where out Turbo Manifold flange comes in, it is simply used athe the manifold to turbo flange and cuts down on any trial and error fabrication etc.

We will also soon be adding our Rover T16 exhaust manifold flange (engine side) shortly. It will allow even easier manifold fabrication and have added features, such as slightly larger port sizes to match standard gasket sizes. This makes the most of any 'gasket matched' porting you may have carried out! If you cant wait, get in contact, we are always happy to help!

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